Ball Screw


The use of ball screws allows us to produce machines with high economy, reliability and efficiency due to the qualities of ball screws:

  • High loading ability;
  • Long life;
  • High axial stiffness;
  • Easy movement;
  • High efficiency 85-90%;
  • Reliability at high speeds;

These advantages are based on:

  • Sliding friction replaced by rolling friction;
  • hardness of working surfaces HRC 59-61;
  • Optimal correlation of ball diameter, tooth profile radius and contact angle;
  • Uses of ball screw:
  • Machine tools
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • steel industry
  • automobile industry
  • nuclear technology
  • aircraft industry
  • military equipment
  • Medical equipment   

Our production;

  • 8 to 125 mm in diameter
  • 1.5 to 50 mm pitch
  • With screw length up to 12000 mm;
  • According to your custom drawings
  • We manufacture ball screws made for kinematic and geometric precision, friction torque, stiffness and so on.
  • All tests of new designs are made, checked and shipped after other tests.